Cargill Invests >$100 Million in Plant Based Proteins

Any one in animal agriculture using products from Cargill/Diamond V, consider they have invested >100 million dollars in plant based proteins to replace your way of life.

February 24, 2020 Food & Beverage, Hot Off The Vegan Press Cargill’s entry into the plant-based protein arena is in response to increased demand for meat-free options. Reasons for consumer’s transition to meat-free alternatives include concerns for personal health, the environment, and animal welfare. The plant-based protein products will allow Retailers to sell the products under their labels.

This is the Impossible Burger, if they don’t want to eat meat why does it look like a burger?

Beyond Meat, products are made using pea protein, and Impossible Foods uses soy protein. “On both, we’re competing,” Elizabeth Gutschenritter, managing director of Cargill’s alternative protein, said. “We are offering a portfolio that will encompass both pea and soy formulations.”

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