MarSyt provides solutions for all segments of poultry production that give producers a competitive advantage through nutritional technologies that address challenges impacting the health, performance and profitability of poultry production.

Poultry Resources

Gut Health and Stress Management


Antibiotic Free Poultry Products


Lumance® is an effective and powerful tool to reduce inflammation, promote villi growth, tighten the intestinal junction and stabilise the microflora.

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Aflocox® provides an alternative approach towards the mitigation of coccidial risk using the synergistic effect of selected plant bio-actives.
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Poultry Pigment Products

Addoro® Yellow & Red

Pigments are additives that can increase the color of a broiler’s skin and/or egg yolks. They cannot be synthesized by birds, and the typical commercial poultry diet does not provide sufficient amounts of pigments to produce the intense colors that consumers prefer. Therefore, pigments are added to the diets of broilers and layers to give the desired color of skin or egg yolk.