Biomonitoring Mycotoxins

A new avenue to measure the impact of toxins on animals.

Innovad has collaborated with the University of Ghent and is funding breakthrough research on novel ways to evaluate the systemic impact of feed toxins and their intermediates on animals.

This new research focuses on exposure assessment, as it is identifying novel biomarkers and is developing the appropriate analytical tools to determine toxic metabolites in animal biofluids. Such Biomonitoring could provide us with more reliable data related to animal intoxication via contaminated feed and/or stress in situ Thus, it has great potential for significant economic impact in animal farming.

Free Mycotoxin Risk Management Assessment

We provide free Mycotoxin testing for our customers. Feed samples will be sent to ActLabs in Canada via our prepaid mailing service in the USA. ActLabs uses LC/MS/MS triple quadrupole technology for all our testing. This “gold seal” approach provides superior quality, at the leading edge of mycotoxin testing. Click below to learn more